On health

hodie mihi, cras tibi

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. - Epicurus

Time is a currency. Health is a currency. Currency is a currency… Things that one values are traded for other things of value, whether those things be physical, digital, or spiritual. Everyone wants infinite time, optimal health, and ample wealth.

Health, wealth, and wisdom is the name I have given my string of essays. I hope you enjoy the polymathic jumps between subjects. Over 20,000 people read these chaotic rants about health, wealth, and wisdom. Thank you all for meandering down the path of infinite ruminations. My mind is an empty vessel waiting to be filled by the infinite nectar of available knowledge within the universe(s).

Recently I have been receiving many notes from readers regarding various aspects of the things I cover in these essays. I enjoy when someone asks me about crypto, but I LOVE when someone shares what is going on with their health and has questions.

Tinkering with ones health is an endless game that can never be won. We are all complex adaptive ecosystems encapsulated in what we call a body. Ones entire being is constantly trying to adapt and evolve to be optimal in whatever environment it finds itself in.

Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body. - Seneca

Ones health is the chief currency in existence. Time (youth) is great, but one can have years to live and feel terrible within every moment of those years. Wealth is outstanding, but one can have billions of dollars, yet wake up everyday and feel tired and achy.

HEALTH, dear readers is what we are after.

‘Health is wealth’ is a world-famous proverb that spans time and culture. A healthy body is defined as the overall ability of the body to function well. It includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of all individuals. When one maintains good health one opens the key to happiness.


When maintaining health, it depends on multiple factors such as drinking water regularly, exercising, eating healthy foods, sleeping on time, etc. A healthy life also ranges from the people one spends time with to the air around that one breathes. All of the constituent parts of ones existence contribute to ones health and well being.

Health contains myriad essential components. If one of the components is missing, a person cannot remain as optimally healthy. The prime source of happiness and bliss is health. Its a constant struggle to maintain health. As time passes the rate in which one can lose health seems to increase exponentially.

Ah, to age. Aches and pains increase and last longer, stress seems constant, and energy decreases. This is just normal aging, right? NO. These are the symptoms of one leading an unhealthy life. There is no reason one should submit to Father Time in the first round. Nay! One should fight for all the health filled time one can get. Go the distance and let God decide who won the fight…


A healthy body holds major components that aid the optimal functioning of the body. The first essential component is the state of physical health. Physical health refers to the state of being physically healthy devoid of any illnesses or diseases. When one maintains good physical fitness, they tend to have an extended lifespan. The best way to maintain physical well-being is through a prudent diet. The way one eats is imperative to ones overall health and wellness. A diet steeped in processed foods, sugar laden drinks, and industrial oils will cause detrimental effects to ones health no matter how hard one tries to exercise and reduce stressors. Intake of essential nutrients in appropriate quantities helps one manage physical health - plain and simple.

The next essential component is everyday exercise or movement. Not everyone needs to exercise daily per se, just move! To help the body maintain its physical fitness, one must never forget to exercise, even if it’s short intense bouts or long casual walks.

The next health component is mental health or mental well-being. Mental health refers to a state of emotional and psychological well-being of the individual. A person’s mental well-being impacts their emotions and behavior in handling situations. The best-recommended way to maintain mental health is by staying positive and meditating.

Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day. … The one who puts the finishing touches on their life each day is never short of time. - Seneca

Subsequently, cognitive and social health add equal importance to a person’s overall well-being state. A person maintains their social well-being through effective communication with other people. A person who attends social gatherings and possesses a friendly nature is stated to be socially healthy. Similarly, one’s cognitive health refers to the regular performance of mental processes leading to an effective state of health. To achieve that, one must consume healthy food and play brain boosters such as puzzles, riddles, chess, etc. This helps one to sharpen their brains.

Lastly, try to get an adequate amount of sleep ( 7-8 hours) regularly. This one is not rocket science, turn off the electronics and get some sleep. It is best advised to not use electronics two hours before sleep. Thats right, grab an ol school book and READ IT.

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind, while unhealthy body weakens one’s ability to succeed and excel in life. A life of FLOURISHING is the goal. However, there is a stigma about mental health. To be healthy, one must also consider mental health. Psychological well-being is as equally important as physical well-being. When people criticize mental illness, it shows a lack of understanding on how the mind and body are truly connected.

Parents often concentrate only on their children’s physical needs. They dress up wounds and injuries and feed their kids with nutritious food. However, they often fail to notice the crumbling mental health of their child. This is because they do not think mental health is essential. Even among elders, one fails to see their psychological well-being. It is due to a lack of awareness. A strong mental state is a super power in modern times. If one possesses the ability to remain balanced throughout the day one can achieve anything. No distractions, no anxiety, no stress…

Therefore, one must be able to identify the signs regarding mental illness. A laughing person is not always a happy person. Never brush off mental illness as a taboo, instead pay attention and lean in on what is really going on inside your head and the heads of those around you. save people’s life.

Health is the real wealth, not gold and silver. - Mahatma Gandhi

Thus, a healthy person is a happy person. The proverb Health is wealth means that one’s health is the greatest wealth. The definition of health is a state of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Strive to achieve equanimity across these various domains to truly lead a life of health, wealth, and happiness.