On respect

“We must learn the fine arts of war and independence so that our children can learn architecture and engineering so that their children may learn the fine arts and painting.” – John Quincy Adams

Natural order respects antiquity; the things and people of the past. A man needs to understand that for his progeny to succeed that he must succeed during his life.

Above All A Man Needs To Survive. A mans constant self improvement, his telos, has cumulative effects that will span generations. What a man accomplishes during his life is added to the things accomplished by his ancestors and bestowed upon his descendants.

If a man is unable to respect the past and unable to be inspired by the future he is not equipped to continue the infinite progress of nature. Aristotle said, “A man is a slave by nature if he is too stupid to guide himself or can do only a kind of work little superior to the work done by beasts of burden; such a man is better off as a slave than free.”

The lack of a true aim renders one useless. Aimlessness is antithetical to the restlessness that made our country the beacon for all others to follow. A man, like his country, needs ambition. A man, like his country, needs struggle. A man, like his country, needs victory.

A man needs to embody what Machiavelli called virtu - a manly drive to infinitely progress. Only then can a man truly prevail. If one is not invigorated by the infinite progress of nature, then one has no motivation to succeed. This then, insults ones ancestors and degrades ones decedents.

In short, a man needs respect for the past, a determination to survive and thrive, and inspiration for the future. The best life, is the life of prudence - the never ending journey to achieve truth.