On fractals

Its all fractals

Simple rules build complex structures, and complex structures deconstruct into simple rules. - Mandelbrot 

I believe that most things occur in fractal patterns (things scale up and down and look very much the same) and cycles (things experience growth and contraction).

  • Build yourself: health, wealth, and wisdom.

  • Build your family: compromise, discipline, and joy.

  • Build your business: vision, strategy, execution.

“Do now what nature demands of you. Get right to it if that’s in your power. Don’t look around to see if people will know about it. Don’t await the perfection of Plato’s Republic, but be satisfied with even the smallest step forward and regard the outcome as a small thing.” - Marcus Aurelius 

  • Build your community: awareness, involvement, action.

  • Build your nation: study, participate, influence.

  • Build your species: propogate, contribute, educate.