On anti fragility

Protean Chiliad

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. - Carl Jung

Why should one strive to be a protean chiliad or in more modern parlance an anti fragile millennial? The millennial generation is often cast as weak, historically ignorant, and driven by social justice. The rise of social justice has allowed many to care about everything but do almost nothing.

It is hard to disagree with these assertions if one looks at the data associated with this cohort. Testosterone levels are down in men, yet up in women, socialism and mass surveillance are acceptable paths for American democracy, and being a person of the world is more important than taking care of ones own family. Responsibility is being avoided by many, this is not an acceptable practice for the strong. One should seek responsibility not run from it.

The chiliad generation is misguided and misinformed. Tricked into thinking it is better to rent than own, to consume rather than save, and to to take rather than EARN. One need not look further than the habits and behaviors that are present in young westerners - obesity, debt, and welfare. As levels rise in single city living, credit card debt and obesity, it is easy to see why many gravitate towards accepting entitlements father than earning their way to a life of health, wealth and happiness.

“How much did these people have to suffer to become so beautiful!” - Nietzsche 

In short, it is advantageous to be uncommon among the common in the western world. To be the person that exercises daily, has a restless work ethic, and practices low time preference money management. Assess the landscape you are surrounded by and increase your probability of success by being adaptive and resilient.